Wild carrots at last!

Granted I had to go all the way across the continent to find them, but out on my run a couple days ago along the Shining Sea bike path in Falmouth I finally found Daucus carota, as opposed to hateful hemlock (Conium maculatum).

Smells strongly of carrot? check.

Stems fuzzy? check.

Compact flower umbels? check.

Leaves once or twice pinnately compound, vs. 3 times? check.

And there’s even a little pink bud in the very center, suggesting a central purple flower is on its way.

But in case you’re curious, no: I didn’t attempt to eat it.

Flower umbel for what I sincerely hope and believe is D. carota. See the tiny pink bud in the very center?


One thought on “Wild carrots at last!

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