At the MBL

I’m in Woods Hole MA for the next 10 days, TA’ing for the Marine Biological Laboratory’s summer Embryology course.  Since lecture starts at 9am and lab finishes around 2-3am, I’ll probably be an irresponsible blogger.  I am hoping to get a chance to mill around the libraries and peek at all the old botanical illustrations, so hopefully I’ll have some old-school paintings and lithographs to share at the end of it all.

In the meantime, here’s some of the preposterously bright blue hydrangeas I always look forward to out here:

…and an equally preposterously adorable rabbit.  We saw at least a dozen of these on our walk yesterday evening; they were extremely casual about having us walk right up to them.

Sure I’m a wild animal. Why do you ask? Hey, do you by chance have a carrot I could nibble on in a charmingly tame fashion? Or should I just curl up in your lap?



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