About me

I’m Andrea Wills, and in real life I’m a postdoctoctoral research fellow in the genetics department at Stanford.  My PhD is in molecular and cell biology, but I don’t actually study plants professionally; my research is about how cells decide what to become during embryogenesis, and I mostly work with frogs, but sometimes mouse or human cells.

I did work briefly as a lab tech in an Arabidopsis lab at UC Davis, so my botanical cred is maybe not toooo bad, but my dirty little secret is that I’m far better at learning about plants than I am at growing them myself.  Don’t make me draw the Calvin cycle, I’ve forgotten it.

Here’s me, hanging out at the Botanical Gardens in the US Virgin Islands.

When I’m not in lab or poking at plants, I’m likely to be out for a run, or hanging out in my kitchen making baked goods while my husband (the chemist) cooks real food.  Occasionally I’ll take a stab at botanical illustration, and if I come up with any relevant drawings I’ll post them on here.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’d love to hear what you think, either in the comments or send me an email: aewills@stanford.edu


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Andrea, really like what you’ve done with your wordpress theme (very professional), I’m trying to do something similar for my wife’s paintings.
    What I’d like to know is, have you customized the comments section or was this the default, ’cause it’s very nice and I’d like to do something similar. I assume seeing it’s wordpress.com you could only change the css, but I’m not having any luck changing anything in the comments area – any ideas?

    • Hi David!
      Thanks for the nice words on the layout! I cannot claim any credit; I chose WordPress’s Twenty-Eleven theme, and stuck with the default for comments. (I have zero webpage experience/knowledge, so selecting the default options generally suits me fine :)). Let me know if just choosing Twenty-eleven as the theme works for you (Themes are under the “Apprearance” header in Dashboard)–in the meantime I’ll poke around at customizing comments, but I bet your knowledge is better than mine on this stuff.

  2. Hi Andrea, Thanks for the reply, don’t worry about checking customizing comments, what you did with the default settings is what I want.
    You’re right I do have a little understanding about how this stuff works and that’s the problem, you appreciate the tools you’re given, I like to think because I know a little about what’s going on I can do it better. I’m using WordPress.org which really allows you to take stuff apart and reassemble it, but after seeing what you’ve done I’m going to start again with the .com and not try to reinvent the wheel.
    Thanks for showing me the light, much appreciated.

    • I am always a fan of not reinventing the wheel, especially if that means your creative efforts can instead be applied to a more worthy task. Good luck with the blog–post a link if you like, I’d love to see the paintings!

  3. Hi Andrea, Happy New Year!
    It’s been a while, hope all’s good with you, I’d like to hear your comments/suggestions about a new project I may be doing, if that’s ok with you
    I’ve been asked to setup a web site for Middle East Medicinal Plants by the Alternative Medicine department at a local hospital, at the moment we’re waiting for funding, but I’ve started planing the outline of what I want to do.
    I’d like to do it in WordPress,using custom fields and taxonomies, and I’d really appreciate any suggestions or links to sites you recommend I take a look at for ideas.

  4. Sorry if you received the above comment more than once, I was having login problems.
    Here’s my wife’s paintings rivka-aderet.com – the site’s still a work in progress – as you can see!

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