Everybody say scuppernog!

Scuppernog scuppernog SCUPPERNOG!  It’s kind of a hilarious word, right?

A couple weeks back my husband and I went to visit his family in the South.  While visiting my fabulous sister-in-law’s family in Raleigh NC, we wandered at length along the bike/run/walk path near her home, which was heavily overhung with greenery.  A generous helping of the plants along the way were total unknowns to me, including the scuppernog, a close cousin to our usual grapes, and  variant of muscadines (Vitis rotundifolia), which are native to the American southeast.

Small clusters of unripe scuppernogs, Vitis rotundifolia.

The scuppernogs were under-ripe (when they’re ripe they’re larger and bronze-colored), but we found clusters of them growing on vines that were a dead ringer for normal grape vines here and there.  My husband and sister-in-law recognized them right away, and their identity was further confirmed by the large single seeds we found inside.

Scuppernogs are, I gather, favored for their jelly, rather than as a raw snack, and muscadine wine is a local treat.



4 thoughts on “Everybody say scuppernog!

  1. Ha, amusing coincidence… I’m currently reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” (set in 1930s Alabama), and it makes several references to… scuppernongs! A word I’d never heard, much less used in context, before this month. I do always loves me some Southern culture, ‘specially when it comes without the 100-degree summer temps…

    • Ahhh…I love that book. Such a classic. I will say that it was somewhat overwhelmingly hot and sweaty in Raleigh–my planned 2-lap jog of the 5k bike path VERY quickly became one lap (can’t…escape…hot wet air…feel like I’m running INSIDE a lung…). But the BBQ more than made up for it :). We brought back some sauce to enjoy the flavor of the South in the cool of the West!

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